Welcome to the PosIQ staff training program. Below you will find 3 training videos that have been specially made for your POS. Be sure to watch them as many times as you need, and ask your managers if you have any further questions.

Offer Video

Take a in-depth look at how offers work in PosIQ. After watching this video you should understand where customers can earn offers, and know exactly what to do when these offers need to be redeemed.

Loyalty Video

Learn all aspects of the PosIQ loyalty system. After watching the video you should be familiar with the different loyalty awards your restaurant has decided on. You should also be able to help an interested customer Join the new program, and be able to track your customer’s points.

Guest Manager Video

Learn about the Guest Manager (the red PosIQ button at the top of your POS screen). The Guest Manager is your main customer service tool. Knowing how to use it well will ensure that your customers always have a great experience.