Restaurant Surveys. Reinvented.

The fastest and most beautiful survey your guests have ever taken.

A Mobile Survey. Completely Different.

Feedback is an awesome new service for the restaurant industry. It does not ask your guests to rate their food or the service with ‘stars’. Instead, it presents an amazing “smart survey” using the guest’s mobile phone. And in a matter of seconds, learns exactly how they felt about every item they purchased, the service, and the facility.

Mobile. But No App.

Feedback is a mobile browser based solution. That means it looks and behaves like an app - without having to download an app.

POS Connected.

Feedback knows exactly what questions to ask, because it knows what you ordered, and who served your table.

Done in 60 Seconds.

When we say easy – we mean it. Your guest will be guided through a super simple “thumbs up/down” survey that most complete in under a minute.

Rate Your Server.

Imagine, knowing what guests experience with your staff, when you’re not watching. Are they following procedure at all times?

Real-time Alerts.

Feedback gives instant alerts to the right staff. In many cases, the guest may still be seated – so a manager can address the issue on the spot.

Actionable Data.

Negative feedback happens. But knowing exactly what you didn’t get right, whether a food item or staff, makes it something you can actually work on.

Mobile. But No App.

It’s simple. Send a text. Receive a link. Click on the link.

The data is in the POS.

Feedback automatically links to your Point of Sale system pulling out all the data needed to form an instant “Smart Survey”. It’s smart because the POS knows exactly what the guest ordered, when it was ordered, what modifiers were requested, who served it, and probably who prepared it in the kitchen. All of this data is used to instantly build a simple and beautiful survey in the guest's phone.

Done in 60 Seconds.

Feedback automatically builds a unique survey for each guest, listing the items they ordered, potentially broken into groups (e.g. Entres, Drinks, desserts) as well as custom questions you would like answered about their server or the business itself.

What could be easier than clicking through the items you purchased – and letting the business know if they got it right. Or not.

Lisa was Your Server.

No matter how great your food, your service staff is the true face of your business.

So how are they doing? Really.

Real-time Alerts.

Feedback acts like a “hotline” for guests to reach the restaurant owner or manager – often while they are still seated. Instant feedback allows the manager to address the problem quickly, whether it’s with the customer in person – or the staff that just managed the guest.

Actionable Data.

We believe meaningful data is the key to running a better business. Feedback pulls in an amazing array of critical data – and presents it in a secure, simple to understand interface that you can access anytime, anywhere. Even from a mobile phone.

Imagine. All this detailed data from your guests – going straight to restaurant management. Or, consider the alternative - Negative feedback published on Yelp, with no idea when the customer came in, what they purchased, or who served them. How do you fix that?

What Restaurants are Saying.

What Restaurants are Saying.

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